Line of credit, up to $ 1,200 in 12 months.

By | February 19, 2020


Good Finance is an online credit company specialized in granting fast mini-credits and lines of credit with which you can get money in a few minutes and without difficulties.

In addition, this company gives you the option to choose between the quick mini loan with which you have up to $ 300 in 30 days, or the line of credit with which you will get a limit of up to $ 1,200 if you are a new client, with the possibility of obtaining up to $ 2,000 if you are a regular customer of Good Finance.

The Line of Credit is a type of installment financing in which you have 12 monthly payments to repay the amount you use, assuming only the interest cost of the amount used.

Characteristics of the line of credit

Characteristics of the line of credit

The credit line is an amount of money that Good Finance makes available to you during a 12-month period so that you can use the amount you need at any time, depending on your needs.

Thus, the credit limit associated with new customers is limited to $ 1,200. This amount may reach a maximum of $ 2,000 if you have already applied for previous loans, demonstrating responsible behavior worthy of earning your trust.

Regarding the interests associated with the line of credit, you will be interested to know that the interest rate linked to this product refers to the total amount you use. Which means that you will not pay interest for the total of the credit line that you have, but only for the amount that you use.

How to apply for the Good Finance line of credit

How to apply for the Good Finance line of credit

If you have decided that you are going to apply for the credit line, you can access the Good Finance website and select the amount you need and the time for its return.

Then you can start the timely application registration in which you will be asked to provide all the personal and bank details necessary to carry out the analysis of your application. As soon as Good Finance resolves your case, you will be informed immediately, receiving the deposit of the money in your account within 15 minutes of its approval.

Good Finance registered customers who need to request another loan or reactivate the line of credit will benefit from faster processes by not having to complete the entire application process again.

Application requirements to get the line of credit

Application requirements to get the line of credit

Good Finance analyzes each of the requests it receives taking into account aspects such as: whatever your income level, the amount you request, your age, ability to pay and the information collected in solvency files, among others.

It also establishes the following minimum requirements to accept your request:

  • Be between 21 and 65 years old
  • Demonstrable monthly income : whether from a payroll, pension or unemployment benefit
  • Not be registered in delinquency files like Credit Financial Institutions


Good Finance will need you to justify the data related to your identity and solvency capacity, proving the following documents:

  • The national identity document (DNI, NIE or Passport)
  • A stable proof of income

Depending on your circumstances, Good Finance may need you to accredit other types of documentation that would be requested when handling your request.

Repayment of the credit line

Repayment of the credit line

The return of the credit line is established in monthly installments for a period of 12 months. The accepted forms to make the payment will be the bank transfer, the deposit at the cashier or window, or the payment by credit card through your client area.

It is important that when you make the payment of one of the fees for your return, do not forget to indicate your name and ID.

Problems with your return payment

At the moment you fall behind on your payment obligation, Good Finance will apply commissions for non-payment. Therefore, if you think you will have problems making the corresponding payment on time, it is recommended that you contact the entity to avoid incurring defaults.

For situations in which the client does not contact the company in search of a solution, Good Finance will go to collection agencies in addition to passing your data to the corresponding delinquency files that operate in Spain.



The opinions of customers who have applied for the Line of Credit mention the company’s refusal to requests from customers registered with Credit Financial Institutions. Information that the company clarifies when collecting among its requirements the need to have a good credit history and that our data does not appear in Credit Financial Institutions.

Regarding the rest of the comments that we find, most of them are opinions of satisfied customers who have obtained the money they needed to solve their financial problems without problems through Good Finance and their line of credit.



Good Finance’s line of credit will allow you to have up to $ 1,200 if it is your first request, or to reach up to $ 2,000 if you are a regular customer of the company, which you will have to repay in installments for 12 months.

In any case, the granting of this line of credit is not suitable for all financial records, it being necessary to have no debts or be registered with Credit Financial Institutions to approve your application. They will also ask you to prove your source of income and that this is sufficient to guarantee the return of your credit without problems.

Good Finance assures to have a commitment of transparency and responsibility with its clients, with which they make sure to inform you about the costs and fees of their products and advise you not to get into debt or ask for credits if you don’t have the total confidence of being able to face them with all the guarantees.

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